SG bday & anniversary

july 28.
had to rush buying julien a gift she would be proud of. so we got THAT! cute eh?

july 29.

Julien's 20th birthday & jacky & vince's 1st year anniversary.

It's a milestone for our SG family. So for a surprise, we waited for julien about a whole hour until she finally arrived and bang! we surprised her off her skirt. We gave her the party hat and the cake and cupcake with matching candles. Had no idea we could choke up a tear from her..lol. It was a fun surprise. I didn't even expect Glenn to be there coz he's actually not even part of our circle, but still, we were grateful he had a lighter (for the candles!)

As for jacky & vince's anniversary.. we almost spent an all nighter at jacky's to help her finish "the project". All those pics and tapes had me in a dizzy. It was a sweet moment the second she handed over the project to her love. That one year went by awfully fast indeed. I was glad we were with her in that moment of her life.


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