we got acting skills!

The whole week has been pumped up with drama queens, sidekicks and Jed's awful attempt to be a warrior/villain with that wig on! lol...

The Mulan Coven

The Troy Coven

The Onagus Coven

I like plays and I'm glad everyone in class was part of one. And i got a bag-able role, i played Libanus in Onagus, a comedic clave looking for a way to find moeny for his master's son to pay for his prostitute of a girlfriend. That about sums our whole play up. And we got a perfect score for it too... I can't wait for the video version to come.

Mdm. Gontuangco's Coven

this is all of us in our World Literature class. She's such a wonderful teacher. So nice. So motherly. So understanding. So patient too! we love u mdm!


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