bits in my week

These are the bits and pieces that just happened this week:
-i'm class president again. my second time and i'm up for it.
-the garland is close.
-the christas party is even closer
-i have lots of notes to do.
-we have no Satrurday classes.
-Zick Romero
-i love the Twilight Soundtrack
-the PCD's sophomore album is good
-someone from section I got a negative anecdotal for stealing my classmate's pt.chart...that son of a gun. she deserved it.
-the pol-sci presentation was stupid. but mr.malcolm is too cute for words.
-CDU dance team won 3rd place for the CESAFI dance competition last monday...kudos!
-nicole's mood swings are getting turbulent at times just because she got PT2. she's almost saying that she's blaming me for not helping her study...take responsibility girl!
-the Bolt trailer is pretty funny..ahaha. i wanna watch it.


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