tip toe across the river

i didn't know where i was heading. this little girl was my light at the end of the tunnel. i followed her to her house, she got what she needed and we went back. the long way back where i was gonna give her her bath.

this week and for the next week i am spending my community duty at Kauswagan Health Community Center. the drive takes up most of the time and the destination is far away from civilization, faw away from any cellphone signals as well. i didn't mind not using my cellphone because no one special actually texts me, aside from family of course.

today was Operation Ligo where in we called up as many kids as we can and give them a bath as well as removing all their head lice. i noticed this quiet girl sitting by the benches so i called her. she was hesitant that I would be doing her bath but she gave in coz her friends were in on it too. i told her to go to her house and grab her clothes, little did i know that the kid's house is far. since my conscience was creeping up on me, i volunteered to go with her to her house and grab the clothes, a bucket and pail for her bath. and off we go.

i tried to strike up a conversation with Shaina but she was too quiet. very quiet. so i blabbered away instead then noticed that we were far, too far away and i panicked, in silence. Shaina's a nice girl so i believe i won't be lost with her by my side. i get panic attacks when i get lost by myself. we were walking on this muddy, mossy, rocky, dirty path and we had to cross a river by tiptoeing, walk again beside a farm and climbed up this really steep hill to find her wooden one-storey one-room house. i kinda felt that the journey was worth it because i was welcomed by her mother with a hospitable smile. they really have a small place and i wonder what they do for electrcity or water? i felt a pang of pity but i still continued to smile. Shaina grabbed her stuff and off we went back to the group of kids where i would be giving her her bath.

after the bath, i treated her with something to eat then we said our goodbyes and off she went back home.


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