siesta fiesta

whoopdee doo..i dont sound as excited as i thought i'd be though.

anywho, october 29 is the fiesta here in Consolacion in honor of San Narciso, our town's patron saint.
the good side is that food is on the table. the bad side is there's way too much vendors on the side walk. i don't even feel like jogging in the morning coz of all those annoying vending stands. oh and every single is always traffic time. i dread walking by there for fear of pickpocketeers.

whoopdee doo, siesta fiesta it is.

oh and today was enrollment day.
one word: torture.
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i should probably get use to it coz that's a hint of the real world. no short cuts. no sitting ins. well, this doesn't actually applly to those who has connections does it?


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