it's my treat!

I'm a plus 1 tomorrow!
So 18 plus 1…I'm 19. WOW. Phew, give me a breather. *takes a step back*
I'm so happy and so blessed to be another year older and experience things that nineteenies are supposed to feel. I don't know why it bothers other people that they're a year older, but I'm more focused on the happier side of things.

I just had dinner with friends and my mom at Majestic SM and damn the food was great (we even brought some of it home).
A big THANK YOU to these people from last night's dinner:
Master milay
Master lao2
Master galo
Master baron
Master jessie
Master juketh
Master ana
Master anndrew

You guys made my night and I love you for it. I love all our laughs, our adventure trippings and our time.

Ana, the rotating video was a great idea, and man the introduction which had me in it wasn't a pretty sight..lol. Thanks dear.

Baron, thanks for Paulo Coelho's The Zahir, I'll be reading it. I didn't expect one from you at all. Thanks dear.

Jessie, sitting beside you in lao2's car was pretty tight and I kinda gasped for breath there (maybe coz his car was small..lol) your jokes are so great. I'll be using them a lot! Thanks dear.

Galo, you and jessie are my JOKE guru. I learn a lot masters. Thank you.

Milay, you ha, always telling me about your rock and rolling love life makes me thankful that I don't have one right now, I love you for your honesty…oh, don't forget your wittiness.

Anndrew, I miss you a lot, you and ana sure do know how to make my mom laugh. She laughs a lot of times with both of you.

Juketh, a meow! To you..lolz

Mama, you are the best! Thank you for treating my friends and I today. I can't ask for more.

A huge complicated birthday party just can’t compare to a simple dinner with friends just torturingly tickling your funny bones.

Our chemistry works all so well.


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