open me an account; team medicus

I got myself a bank account! Finally!
no more can-i-borrow-money-from-you-lucille-and-when-you're-not-looking-i'll-forget-to-pay-you-back situation... i dread it.

and did i mention that it's the 4th day of our Intrams Week. Basketball bores me, that was until my toosh was forcibly glued on the benches to watch the hoop game between Medicine vs. RehabSci. And weren't they such really good players, the Medicus team i mean.

We had the best-est blast-est time together! Chill, Julien, Rania, Madz, Jlou, Harrieth and I are guilty for all the loud yeys! and woahs! in the crowd. darn it, we had a blast. Medicus won! o behave!
but sadly they lost when they were matched with Nursing... the feeling was ambivalent.
i'm from Nursing yet I'm so compelled to cheer for Medicus.
Medicus team player no. 9: Senoro
Medicus team player no. 28: Viniegas

what can i say?they're gonna be the future "mr. chase-y charcter" like in HouseMD. smart and athletic! that quality goes hand in hand..XD


us, the goofballs.

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