miss universe '08

aaahh..Ms. Universe 2008 at Vietnam's resort city of Nha Trang where I patiently watch from my tv screen the most envying gowns, flawless make-ups, other fake fixer-upers they usually do, the coronation scene, and oh rooting for Ms. Philippines.

Ms. USA landing on her tooshies??? this is the second time now. What are they paying big money for? or was she just making a scene? well, that didn't work last year! good thing they got sensible judges.

Miss universe 2008

and congratulations to Ms. Venezuela, Dayana Mendoza. I've noticed for the past 5 years that Latinas are ALWAYS in the top 5. She was a kidnap victim before, no duh just look at her. Who wouldn't? Men, tsk tsk. And she wore yellow! Yey for me anywho, i love yellow. May she have a prosperous time as Ms. Universe 2008. Kudos!

I was actually happy that Ms. Japan won last year, Asian beauty rocks too ya know!
And Ms. Japan wore a tux for her de-coronation, that's a change. I would have worn a sleek tux too... it gives out a sense of you-can-look-but-don't-touch vibe.


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