W.I.S.E party

Working Individuals through Student Empowerment
W.I.S.E. party.
I've got loads of flyers to give away and to think that today is the Election Day for the Student Body Officers. I'm running for 3rd yeear representative. I have to say that the SBO family is very close knit. They're loud too..hehe
Spanish Class is challenging. And that's how I like it.
I have a Jose Rizal class and I'm just so awed by his life, love and works. I'm putting it on my list of goals to read the English version of Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo (the tagalog version is confusing). Sir Duja sounds like an aristocrat as he speaks but still he sends out the message all the time.
And oh! really sad news... it was Signal No. 2 here and the storm's name is Frank. *wink*
The sad part is that MV Princess Shipping Lines was caught in the storm and sadly went down with the fishes. 700 passengers were in it and 40+ are found to be alive. Let's pray for their souls and may they be found.
PS. i'm not able to celebrate IMCRD.. i'm losing it!

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