'june' mail

nikoli went out of the country last june 5. he's out of this country and into the US of A. poor nicole mus be crushed to see him go, it might be a while for him to be back. i pray that they get through this. i've always liked them as a couple.

the new PATD vid is out, That Green Gentleman.
and today is my second month of working out without a fail. yey me! i'm freaking out coz school is almost here and that means sacrificing my work out time for study time. the inevitable happens.

since i often thrive on gossips, my recent discovery is perez hilton. made from celebrity juice, not concentrate.

to atr:

thanks for the June letter atr. the letter made me remember last year's international my chemical romance day (IMCRD)..ahaha, the good times.i really appreciate it especially the mcr heart. i'll keep it close. did i tell you enough that you're the best? well, yes you are. thanks! one day, i'll pay you back for all the amzing things you've done. count on that.

0 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

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