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- exams are over! actually, its just one major exam for me and its done. how did i do?
well...my scores went bye-bye on my PPCM theory, while my PPCM rle went sky high. yes, i got highest for that..yey to me for studying hard, thank God!

-Frank Anthony Thomas Iero, as I call him now as FATI got married last march 9, 2008. oh my! and they all look so neat and spiffy with their tux and the girls in their gowns.. i wish you the best in life jamia and frank. (farewell frerard...LOL)

-atr, srah and i had a three-way conference. woohoo- i had fun, until next time ok?


-i'll be out of town for a week for the very reason that it's VACATION slash SUMMER slash NICOLE's 18th BDAY! her mom told us we could go to Cagayan for a whole week. it's free plane ride, free housing, free food, free everything for that matter. Kathy, Madz and I will definitely be going. Emma cant go though coz her mom is super strict. She's the only girl in the family so yeah, that's why. It breaks our hearts to know emma's not going.
My parents ask so many questions..duh, they're parents. They know Nicole and my friends and that's all that matters aight?

im so excited...

oh and i told Ana that we'll be going to Cagayan. I have to tell her coz if i dont she'll be hating me for not telling her.
Darn, i really wished i hadnt told her. She's been bugging me to bug nicole to make her let Ana come. oh my gosh! why cant Ana get it through her head that it's nicole's mom that invited us, plus her mom knew us since we were first years. I'm sorry Ana so that's a NO for you.

im sorry...


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