i made myself useful


I finally have the official pics of the Capping Ceremony! I was looking good if I may say so myself. weee...

Tomorrow is our College of Nursing Christmas Party at I.T. Park Lahug. I'm really just after the buffet and showing off my ensemble..ahaha.

So, Rhea is our Miss Valentine contestant (i know, too early for it right?) and she doesn't have her head dress for tomorrow's judging yet, so Maian, Eva, Steffi and I (well, it was mostly us doing while Maian just sat there and breathed her lungs out!) getting our hands dirty making it for her. The final output was cute. Not the most extravagant but cute. Less is more ya know.

The STS presentation we did was just awful. It was so obvious we didn't have any lines, and even if we ad lib, we still sound so awful. We stinked!


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