i ain't feeling his love

You know how they say we should give love on christmas day, well... i'm gonna disagree on that for a while.

My buds and i have been preparing our trip to Bohol for a week now and the trip is gonna start tomorrow until the 29th. What really ticked me off was that jessie isn't coming!!!
Milay contacted him and asked him if he wanted to go with us and he was hyped about the idea so he said yes. but the day before the trip he just decided to disappoint us by not going after all.
he said he has to attend to this christmas party. (ehem..girlfriend issue?)
what i don't get is that, he said yes to our trip first but why would he put off our barkada trip for some class christmas party. after all, he's still gonna see his classmates next year anyway!


So i should just turn this frown upside down.
It's his loss.


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