we don't care who we're up against!

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they're being ever so mean to us. all we did was sit on their Chairs during the sts class because I noticed that jereme and his gang were sitting in a different place too, so i was tHinking why not do the same.

but all the explosIon they had inside started to spilL on us unknowingly by shouting to the whole class how we stole their seats and stomping her foot at the wooden podium as if to make a sound of such hostility. it's obvious that someone needs an anger managemnt class.

so us gwapz decided to pray to the Lord for courage in conforming and making peace with the enemy. we texted her(the one who started all this mess) but it took her a while to repLy back.

in the morning, kathy told us what she texted us...
here was mean girl's answer that made me want to beat her arse,
"if you knew that it was wrong why didn't you put a stop to it then, you really don't know who you're up against...good night!"

currently, we now have a seat plan which is effective for the whole semester and i don't know if we still are in good terms with them (or her), we really did want to talk to them about that but they don't want to seem to stay long after the class is over to even talk about it.

so we're just keeping hush hush about things and not get things complicated.

i know, i know, some silly fight for some stupid chairs. what a sad state of event our class is in.


*encryptions applied

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